When Ugandan Prophecy Fails

Back to Uganda, where local media are raising the issue of a failed prophecy from megachurch pastor Robert Kayanja. Here’s what he was reported as saying last year, when discussing the upcoming Ugandan elections on TV: “It was so clear to me. We shall have five presidential candidates; one will die, one will quit, three […]

Haaretz notes Faurisson’s Iranian Connection

Haaretz (scroll down) reports on December’s exchange of love-letters between French Holocaust-denier Robert Faurisson and Jawad Sharbaf, an Iranian academic (link added): …Holocaust-deniers from the West play a key role in attempts by Iran to cast doubts on the veracity of the Holocaust, according to documents that have appeared on an Internet site…The documents were […]

US Christian Right Activist in Ugandan Jail over Illegal Guns

Could face terror charges UPDATE (28 March): All charges have been dropped, and Peter Waldron is now free. See here for more details. Strange news from Uganda. The Kampala Monitor reported two days ago that …police in Kampala are holding an American national who was allegedly found with four illegal guns and 184 rounds of […]

Nigerian Islamists Responsible for Hundreds of Polio Cases

This report is a few weeks old, but I’ve only just come across it. From the Abuja Daily Trust (via AllAfrica): …Speaking yesterday at an interactive forum with newsmen in Abuja, the interim NPI [National Programme on Immunization] boss said Nigeria is the only country in Africa transmitting not only the wild polio virus (WPV), […]

Joseph Farah Denounces Evangelical Leaders on Climate Change

Over at WorldNetDaily, Joseph Farah gives a typically thoughtful response to the news that a number of high-profile evangelical leaders have decided to work to oppose global warming (link added): …some significant church leaders are attempting to make the global, pagan, socialistic agenda behind the conspiracy a matter of faith…They all signed on to the […]

SubGenius Membership Allegedly Leads to Loss of Child Custody

UPDATE: A Special “hello” to everyone from BoingBoing, Jesus’ General and all the other sites that are linking this. Details about how to give donations for the custody appeal are given on Rachel’s blog. She writes: “Please PayPal all donations to Magdalen@subgenius.com, or send a check directly to: Rachel Bevilacqua c/o Francis C. Affronti, Esq., 130D […]

An Icon from an Age of Persecution

A bit of Japanese Christian history, via the Asahi Shimbun (links added): KYOTO–Behind the serene smile of the Madonna in the scroll “Maria Jugo Gengizu” linger clues about a history of bloody religious persecution. Dating from the early Edo Period (1603-1867), the unique religious icon, whose name means 15 scenes from the life of Mary, […]

Anglicans for Israel Patron wants Summary Executions, Journos Imprisoned

Back in July 2004 distinguished UK professor David Marsland gave a speech to the Springbok Club describing how to win the War on Terror. His advice, after a lengthy rant, includes the following (emphases added): …Halt or segregate air flights into or out of Britain by Arabs. …Strengthen anti-terrorist legislation to allow on suspicion indefinite […]

Mugabe’s Sects Appeal Wears Off

The Zimbabwe Independent discusses links between Robert Mugabe and several disgraced leaders of religious sects, in somewhat polemical language: …[Mugabe’s Zanu-PF] party has poked its snout into the religious trough and allowed itself to feed on the sect membership to boost its ranks in a desperate effort to maintain superiority…The ruling Zanu PF party exploited […]

Cardinal McCarrick Backs Palestinian Christians

A few days ago I looked at a new report by Justus Reid Weiner on the difficulties – in some cases, persecution is not too strong a word – which Palestinian Christians have faced under the Palestinian Authority and with the rise of Islamism in Palestinian society. As much as I dislike Weiner (for reasons […]