Ted Haggard wants Jews to be Afraid

…is the title of my debut diary entry over at Talk To Action. See here.

Hugo Chavez on the Christ-killers’ Riches

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency reports: “The world offers riches to all. However, minorities such as the descendants of those who crucified Christ” have become “the owners of the riches of the world,” Chavez said Dec. 24 on a visit to a rehabilitation center in the Venezuelan countryside. This comes several weeks after a raid on […]

Messianic Jews Attacked in Beersheba

Compass Direct (via Crosswalk) reports on the latest anti-Christian disturbance in Israel: Orthodox Jews disrupted a Messianic congregation’s worship service in the Israeli town of Beersheba on Saturday (December 24)…The agitators struck Messianic believers in the face, back and stomach. Though one received a blow near his eye, no one needed medical attention. “Messianics” are […]

Jerry Falwell and Pseudo-Pat Robertson

(corrected – Dateline Hollywood is satire; thanks to Mollie at Get Religion) A massive banner headline in WorldNetDaily, billed as “Breaking News”: L.A. Times admits false claim about Falwell, 9-11 So what new act of persecution against a good Christian is this? WND has the shocking details: A column by a rabbi published in the […]

Proselytising in Aceh?

More news about religious tensions in the wake of last year’s Tsunami – The Australian reports from Aceh: Islamic activists have claimed that aid workers are secretly attempting to convert Muslims to Christianity, pointing particularly to World Vision, Aceh Relief, the International Catholic Mission and Church World Service. However: World Vision Australia chief executive Tim […]

Traditional Engrish Christmas

Together at Last: David Balsiger and Patrick Heron

First there was the Amazon bestseller. Then there was the endorsement from WorldNetDaily. And now – the TV show and DVD (links added): Grizzly Adams Productions, Inc. (GAP), producers of family-friendly network television shows, announced it has acquired the worldwide TV/DVD rights to two best-selling books, Apocalypse Soon, and The Nephilim and the Pyramid of […]

Odessa Chooses Junk Bible Curriculum

(amended – see comments) Over a month ago, the Ector School Board in Odessa, Texas, was asked to choose a curriculum for an elective Bible class. The front-runners were the National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools (NCBCPS), endorsed by actor Chuck Norris and subject of a devastating critique by mainstream Biblical scholar Mark […]

Dembski’s New Allies and Spontaneous Generation

Hello to readers from Jesus’ General and Pharyngula. From the website of William A Dembski, foremost proponent of Intelligent Design (links in original, emphasis added): I reported earlier on this blog that I was to be the only gentile speaker at an Orthodox Jewish (Lubavitcher) conference on Torah and science (go here, here, and here). […]

Thai Children Get Rapture Ready

The Telegraph reports on post-Tsunami religious developments in Thailand: A year ago there were no churches on the Khao Lak coast, where thousands died. As the first anniversary approaches there are a score, mostly set up by United States-based evangelical groups that moved in following the deluge. In particular: James Garwood, the leader of…Life in […]