University Lets Man Live with Girlfriend!

The weird world of Agape Press has perhaps reached its nadir with its latest, and lamest yet, moral crusade: …One father, Greg Myers, says he was outraged to learn that the school’s Student Affairs Office [at Illinois State University] allowed his daughter’s dorm supervisor to cohabitate with his girlfriend in ISU’s Watterson Hall. Myers’ daughter, […]

Jerusalem Patriarch to Nullify Land Deal

Aaron Klein, WND‘s Jerusalem Correspondent, brings us the latest about Theofilos III, the new Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem – but with his usual twist on the subject: The man enthroned last week…signed a secret document obliging him to nullify the recent sale to Jewish groups of land comprising much of a key entrance to […]

Disney Works with British Churches

The London Times (owner: Rupert Murdoch) reports on the latest from Narnia (books owner: Rupert Murdoch): The Walt Disney organisation has appointed Christian Publishers and Outreach, an evangelistic publishing company, to promote the Christian message behind the story in churches across Britain. Alas, this is slightly botched. The company is actually Christian Publishing & Outreach […]

Russian Chief Rabbi: “Common ground” with Far-Right Politicians

Back in 1998, far-right Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky caused bemusement with a visit to a concert at a synagogue which had been bombed. The JTA reported at the time: After the concert, the leader of the ultra-nationalist Liberal Democratic Party got up on stage, said he was outraged by the synagogue bombing and added that […]

Texas Rejects National Assoc. of State School Boards

Education news from Texas, via Agape Press (link added): The Texas State Board of Education has severed ties with the National Association of State School Boards [NASBE] whose policies, says the Texas group, “continue to gravitate to liberal left.” According to NASBE’s website: The National Association of State Boards of Education is the only national […]

Publisher: Intelligent Design about “our Relationship with God”

*Hello to visitors from Pharyngula (Corrected – see comments, and thanks to Dispatches from the Culture Wars) The InterVarsity Press reports* on its role in propagating Intelligent Design materials: The book Darwin on Trial, by University of California-Berkeley Law School professor Phillip Johnson, was published by both InterVarsity Press and Regnery Press in 1991. Two […]

US Report on Religious Freedom: Some Reactions

Two weeks ago the US State Department produced its annual Report on International Religious Freedom. Countries singled out for particular concern (“CPCs”) were Iran, China, North Korea (which has also just been the subject of another report, and now a UN Resolution), Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Burma, and Vietnam, but a number of other nations also […]

Bahamas PM Backs Promise Keepers

ASSIST Ministries reports that the Promise Keepers are making headway outside the USA: NASSAU, THE BAHAMAS (ANS) — Hundreds of Bahamian men and boys (and dozens of women) gathered at Nassau’s historic Clifford Park on Friday night, November 11, for the opening night of “The Bahamas Awakening,2 a cooperative effort between local Bahamas-based ministries and […]

Take with a Grain of Sultanov

The Muslim News carries a report derived from BBC Monitoring about the recent massacre in Jordan: Russian experts see Israeli, US links in Jordan blasts, Lebanon murder The “expert” on the Jordan bombs is Member of the State Duma International Affairs Committee Shamil Sultanov. Sultanov believes King Abdullah (“who, by the way is half-English”) may […]

Megachurch Pastors Demand Breast Implants

Once again, Charisma editor J Lee Grady astonishes with his willingness to display the dirty linen of neo-Pentecostalism. Recently it was American pastors demanding excessive remuneration for preaching in Europe; this time it’s sex (parentheses in original): At one charismatic megachurch, staff pastors successfully convinced all their wives and female staff members to get breast […]