Jews, Joes, and Gentiles for Judaism

Arutz Sheva reports on the latest development within the Kahanist “Sanhedrin” in Israel: A council of non-Jewish observers of the Seven Laws of Noah has been selected and will be ordained by the reestablished Sanhedrin in Jerusalem this January. B’nai Noach, literally “Children of Noah,” known as Noahides, are non-Jews who take upon themselves the […]

Give Me Oil in my Lamp

Zion Oil & Gas is back in the news. As readers may recall, this company has been in the news on and off for the past couple of years; CEO John Brown believes that the Bible provides a code which will lead to the discovery of oil reserves in Israel, and for the past few […]

Opening the Chest of Joash

(Special thanks to a reader for tip and some links) A couple of weeks ago, WorldNetDaily reported on an interesting religious charitable effort post-Katrina: The charitable arm of a Louisiana pastors’ council is moving at full tilt in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, providing everything from physical and spiritual sustenance to chainsaw crews to help […]

Church of England takes on US Evangelicals

The Church of England has launched an attack on American imperialism and its religious justifications. Over to the Guardian: A group of Church of England bishops issued a report today criticising American foreign policy, the US war on terror and some American Christians’ use of biblical texts to support a political agenda in the Middle […]

Did Bilbo’s Critics Cause Katrina?

Pastor Garland Bilbo (Updated with extra info) From the Toledo Blade: A devastating flood in New Orleans was predicted by the Rev. Kim Clement, a South Africa-born evangelist, in a prophecy given at a suburban Houston church July 22. The full text is available on Clement’s website, with mp3 (and electric guitar backing; Clement is […]

Christian Israelis Complain of Persecution

Staying in the allegedly “Holy Land”, an interesting report from ASSIST: Messianic Jews have called for international protests against violations of religious freedom in Israel. Orthodox Jews have harassed a congregation in the desert town of Arad in Southern Israel for more than 18 months. Messianic Jews are Jews who have become Christians, but who […]

Stuck with the Synagogues

The BBC has been covering Israel’s decision to leave behind a number of synagogues in Gaza. This has been in the offing since a couple of weeks ago – YNet News reported at the end of August: Chief Rabbis Shlomo Amar and Yona Metzger were invited to attend Sunday’s government session called to discuss the […]

Israeli Religious Right Blames Gaza for Katrina

Aaron Klein, WND‘s Jerusalem correspondent and frequent puffer of the Israeli far-right, rounds up some religious opinions about Hurricane Katrina. Not many surprises: “Katrina is a consequence of the destruction of [Gaza’s] Gush Katif [slate of Jewish communities] with America’s urging and encouragement,” Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Lewin, executive director of the Rabbinic Congress for Peace, […]

Putin and Chief Rabbi in Medal Exchange

One of Russia’s two rival Chief Rabbis has been awarded a medal (hyperlink added): MOSCOW, Russia – Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar was awarded with the ‘Peter the Great’ First Class Order. The diploma attached to the Order explains that the Chief Rabbi was honored with this award “considering his activities in advancing inter-ethnic […]

Lee Jae-Rock Takes New York

God has apparently intervened with a miraculous advert for a new Christian TV station. Over to Dan Wooding and ASSIST: It was just before midnight Thursday, August 31, when a glowing cross suddenly appeared in the darkened sky above the towering Empire State Building in New York City. The alleged miracle was spotted by a […]