Serb Nationalist Branches Out

The Anomalist links to a Reuters report about yet another Jesus simulacrum: SARAJEVO (Reuters) – Christians are flocking to a northwestern Bosnian town to view an image of Jesus Christ that allegedly appeared in a section of a cut tree branch two days ago, Bosnian media reported on Friday. The image resembling Jesus’ face cannot […]

Agape Press Attacks Every Nation

UPDATE (9 March 2007): Agape has withdrawn the story, and has stated that its linkage of EN with the New Order of the Latter Rain was “mistaken”. See here. Don Wildmon’s Christian news service Agape Press lays into the neo-Pentecostal grouping Every Nation, in a report about the Bethel World Outreach Center: Bethel World Outreach […]

Putin Critics Cause Nashi-ng of Teeth

Another Russian church leader has warned against any emulation of the Ukrainian “Orange Revolution” in Russia. Last month it was Sergei Ryakhovsky, one of the country’s main Pentecostal leaders; this time it’s Vsevolod Chaplin of the Russian Orthodox Church, as reported in the Moscow Times: “Russia has already lived through one colored revolution — a […]

Caldwell’s “non-Religious” anti-Evolution Materials

A small victory for Larry Caldwell, the California lawyer who believes he has a right to dictate science education in his school district. Caldwell is an anti-evolutionist, and his Quality Science Education for All was set up to promote a science education that exposes students to the scientific strengths and weaknesses of evolutionary theory. Eugenie […]

Doug Ugly

Back in June commentator “Dave” left a comment on my first entry on conservative pastor and columnist Doug Giles: I think it’s just a case of a guy using the media (in a poor and unoriginal way) to present his notions, provide for his family and perhaps get something done. I understand the Giles phenomenon and I […]

Anti-Semites on Rise in Ukraine, David Duke Helps

Anti-Semites in the Ukraine appear to have learnt from their co-ideologists in Russia. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency reports: Leading Ukrainian intellectuals condemned a recent surge of anti-Semitism in the media and criticized authorities for not doing enough to stop such ideas. A group that included leading journalists, authors and philosophers made its position public at […]

UK Gov. Human Rights Report Out

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office has just published its 2005 Human Rights Annual Report. The report lists particular concerns with “China, Iran, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Vietnam”; India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka also come under scrutiny.

Unite Against Terror

Click here to see the website. And here to see why I signed.

Russian Orthodox Extremists Re-launch Attack on Jews

Just when it looked like it was dead, the campaign by Russian anti-Semites to use ancient Jewish literature as a means to ban Jewish groups is back in action. The AP reports: MOSCOW – A group of Russian nationalists has asked a Moscow court to order an investigation of Jewish leaders over the abridged halakhic […]

Computer Culture?

An oddity from the New Scientist (links added): Virtual computer characters more accustomed to battling deranged alien monsters are about to take part in a unique social experiment. The project, known as New and Emergent World models Through Individual, Evolutionary and Social Learning – or NEW-TIES – brings together experts in artificial intelligence, computer science […]