Paul Play to Provoke Prosecution?

The UK National Theatre’s artistic director Nicholas Hynter warns in the Daily Telegraph that the new Incitement to Religious Hatred law might prevent the theatre from putting on a new play: In the autumn, the National Theatre will mount a production of a major new play by Howard Brenton about St Paul. Or at least, […]

Vice Versa

From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency: A Palestinian youth who converted to Judaism reportedly enlisted in the Israeli military. Amnon Yitzhak-Shachar, who was born Ayman Abu-Zubuch in the Gaza Strip town of Khan Younis, reported to Israel’s main draft office last week and was mobilized, Ma’ariv said Sunday. According to the newspaper, Yitzhak-Shachar would not mind […]

BBC Profiles Sunday Adelaja

  “My whole mission in the Ukraine is to impose God on the whole society.” BBC Radio 4’s ongoing Crossing Continents documentary series looks this week at a pair of religion stories; the second segment of the programme introduces us to Pastor Sunday Adelaja of Kiev: Pastor Sunday Adelaja arrived in the Ukraine from Nigeria […]

Christian Zionist “Worried” about Palestinian Christians

From Agape Press (links added): A religious liberty advocate is worried because the influence of Christians in some parts of the Middle East is on the decline. According to William Murray of the Washington, DC-based Religious Freedom Coalition, this fact makes for a difficult situation for born-again believers and subjects their children to especially bad […]

Tyranny of the Normal

WorldNetDaily reports on an anti-gay-rights rally in Poland: Touting red-and-white Polish flags, thousands of members of a Polish youth organization opposed to special rights for homosexuals marched through Warsaw today in a so-called “Normal Parade” in answer to a recent “gay pride” event in the city. Speaking to the marchers, League of Polish Families leader […]

Romanian Exorcism Cures by Killing

As the UK ponders abusive exorcism practices, grim news from Romania, via the AFP: TANACU, Romania — A Romanian Orthodox priest, facing charges for ordering the crucifixion of a young nun because she was “possessed by the devil,” was unrepentant Saturday as he celebrated a funeral ceremony for his alleged victim. “God has performed a […]

Hate Crimes Report Out

In Belfast, Northern Ireland, young men attack a family of Bangladeshi origin, breaking their windows, smashing their front door, and ultimately setting their home on fire. In Moscow, Russian skinheads follow a rabbi from a Jewish community center into a subway underpass to attack him, breaking his bones. In Noeud-les-Mines, France, teenagers repeatedly harass a […]

Haggard in Charismatic Cold War?

An interesting piece in the Moscow News: Bishop Sergei Ryakhovsky, the head of Russia’s Pentecostalists, believes that the infringement of Protestants’ rights, about which they complain in a number of Russian regions, could be being stoked up from outside in order to achieve some kind of political aim, Interfax reported Tuesday. “Somebody is deliberately stoking […]

Radio Series on New Age

The BBC World Service has a new series on the New Age movement, presented by Religious Affairs correspondent Jane Little. The first episode covers the kind of stuff you would expect, kicking off with an interview with Paul Heelas, the UK’s foremost scholar of the subject. The New Age appears in opposition to organised religion: […]

Tenjoji Temple

Japanese and Chinese Buddhas at the Tenjoji Temple, Kobe: