Contra Ten Commandments

Well, here’s a new argument for Roy Moore and co. to chew over, courtesy of Nichiren Shoshu: (PRWEB) February 26, 2005 — The Ten Commandments are “imperfect precepts” and should be discarded, according to Reverend Jisei Nagasaka of the Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist sect. Nagasaka further links them to the horrific disasters and confusion rampant in […]

Devil in the Detail Part Two

There seems to be some sort of pool of media-exorcists that British hacks call on. Yesterday I covered Trevor Newport’s appearance on Channel 4; today The Observer profiles William Lendrum, the Church of Ireland exorcist who was previously featured alongside Newport on the BBC World Service (both were blogged here). But according to this new report, […]

Devil in the Detail

A report from the London Evening Standard: Channel 4 has provoked outrage by showing the first exorcism ritual on British TV. Except it’s not. I’ve seen two over the past decade or so, although I’m afraid I can’t recall the exact details. The first (I’m sure was in 1991) was an American documentary about a […]

Spiritual Waves in Europe?

Peter Ford of The Christian Science Monitor has done a decent job with a series of articles about religion in Europe. In the first part, he calls on sociologists of religion (but not Steve Bruce, alas) for explanations of European secularism and gets sound bites from various political figures, ranging from new darling of the […]

Christian Zionist Archaeologist Smears Colleagues

The Jamaica Gleaner profiles British Biblical archaeologist Garth Gilmour, who is giving a lecture tour there. Despite a decent academic CV and links to both Oxford University and the Albright Institute, Gilmour has a very odd idea of what archaeology actually should be. Defending his belief that archaeology proves the history of Biblical Israel, he […]

Hal Lindsey Puffs Kahanists at WND

Hal Lindsey is at it again, using his WorldNetDaily column to puff the new “Sanhedrin” in Israel: Two remarkable developments took place recently that are extremely relevant to students of Bible prophecy. For the first time in 1,600 years, the Israeli Sanhedrin was re-established. It occurred in Tiberius, the site of the Sanhedrin’s last meeting […]

Douglas Wilson On a Roll

The History News Network reports that historian Eugene Genovese has come to the defence of Douglas Wilson, co-author of Southern Slavery, As It Was, a booklet that asserted that (among much else): There has never been a multi-racial society which has existed with such mutual intimacy and harmony in the history of the world…Slave life […]

ASSISTing Anti-Terrorism

There are a couple of things about the Evangelical/Pentecostal news service ASSIST Ministries that I don’t like: the credulous reporting of faith healers like Lee Jae-Rock; stupid opinion pieces from the likes of Ted Baehr and Mikhail Margolis. But, on the other hand, ASSIST is often commendable: unlike Agape Press, it is not a creature of […]

Doug Giles’s Plagiarised Chocolate Poodle

Many years ago British missionary pioneer (and cricketer) CT Studd (1862-1931) wrote an essay called “The Chocolate Soldier: or Heroism – The Lost Chord of Christianity” (see here). He exhorted his readers thus: EVERY TRUE CHRISTIAN IS A SOLDIER – of Christ – a hero “par excellence”! Braver than the bravest – scorning the soft […]

Military Mission

Back in 2003, Porter Memorial Church in Lexington led a Southern Baptist mission to Iraq. The AP reported at the time: The group’s destination is northern Iraq. They say they are obeying Jesus’ command to go into all the world and preach the Gospel, but say they will be respectful of the Muslims they encounter. […]