F Grade For Jakes, Hinn

The Lincoln Tribune reports that MinistryWatch has issued a “Donor Alert”, giving various Christian ministries an “F” for non-transparency. According to MinistryWatch founder and CEO Howard “Rusty” Leonard: The refusal by these ministries to release the financial information is reason enough for donors to find other ministries to support, whether for tsunami relief or other […]

Mother of Russian Anti-Semitism

“Bnei Levi” has undertaken the unhappy task of translating into English the recent anti-Semitic petition signed by 19 Russian parliamentarians and 500 other individuals. The petition, which calls for all Jewish groups to be banned, begins with a short collection of alleged citations from the Shulchan Oruch, a late Rabbinic commentary that the petition author claims demonstrates Jewish hostility towards Christianity and gentiles (1); the fact that […]

Easy Words

Tuesday: BERLIN, Germany (AP) — Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder paid tribute Tuesday to the victims of the Auschwitz death camp, expressing his shame as he acknowledged that the Nazis had wide support and promising Germany will keep alive the memory of their crimes. Wednesday: Pressure from Turkey has resulted in the removal of a reference to […]

Unnatural Vice

Red State Rabble (via Pharyngula) brings to attention certain changes to the definition of science proposed by an eight-member pro-Intelligent Design grouping within the Kansas State Board of Education. Blog author and concered parent Pat Hayes notes: Here are excerpts from their proposed revisions: “Science is a systematic method of continuing investigation, that uses observation, […]

Flew Two

Agape Press reports that Creationist organisation Answers in Genesis (AiG) is crowing over Antony Flew’s supposed “conversion” to Intelligent Design (discussed previously): Dr. Terry Mortenson of Answers in Genesis says Flew, who had previously subscribed to Darwinian theories of evolution and natural selection, cited one major reason for changing his tune. But now, the creationist points […]

Brethren for Bush

The St. Petersburg Times (link snagged from God and Consequences) reports on a substantial donation made by a British member of the Exclusive Brethren for the publication of newspaper advertisements to assist the re-election of George W Bush: The Thanksgiving 2004 Committee raised the money from residents of 18 states, plus $377,262 from Bruce Hazell […]

Many New UK Faith Schools Not Performing Well

Britain’s Chief Inspector of Schools has got into a row over private Muslim schools. As reported in The Telegraph: “I worry that many young people are being educated in faith-based schools with little appreciation of their wider responsibilities and obligations to British society,” he told a London conference on citizenship. Mr Bell said that many […]

Colson Affiliate Loses Faith-Based Funding

The AP reports that a “faith-based” charity mentoring prisoners’ children must go without government funding after a judge ruled it was promoting religion: The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services cut off funds to MentorKids USA in December after evidence showed the group used public money to directly support activities such as worship or […]


Why are scientists refusing to take seriously a lawyer who wants his “non-religious” objections to evolutionary theory included in school science classes? What makes them think they know more about science than he does? WorldNetDaily has the story, while a teacher involved in the dispute gives his account here. UPDATE: Pharyngula (third item) links to […]

Fundies? What Fundies?

Fundamentalism is on the way out, according to the NY Times (link from The Revealer): The world’s fastest growing religion is not any type of fundamentalism, but the Pentecostal wing of Christianity. While Christian fundamentalists are focused on doctrine and the inerrancy of Scripture, what is most important for Pentecostals is what they call “spirit-filled” […]