God Sends a Message

For Hal Lindsey, the glass is always half full: Jesus indicates that all the natural disasters will begin to increase in frequency and intensity in concert with each other shortly before His return. And it is as these “birth pains” begin to take place that believers in Jesus are to know that their deliverance is […]

Joseph Farah and the Business of Christian Reconstructionism

Business Reform magazine is now (partly) available for free electronic perusal to “friends of WorldNetDaily“, I discovered after clicking on a WND link. WND and Business Reform have been working together for some time, as Terry Krepel at ConWebWatch noted last year: WorldNetDaily has been in a bit of an expansion mode lately. One new initiative […]

Quest for the Gay Jesus

365Gay.com has joined the Quest for the Historical Jesus: a growing group of Biblical scholars believe that Christ may have had at least one sexual relationship with another male. Noted Methodist theologian Rev. Theodore Jennings Jr. and Dr Morton Smith, a world renowned Bible scholar, say there is irrefutable evidence that Jesus was at least […]

Christmas in Japan 2004

It’s Christmas in Japan:

The Creative Doug Giles

Part One This is curious. Some of Doug Giles’s Townhall/Clash Radio “Clashpoints” are syndicated for the benefit of British fans (!) on a Charismatic Christian website called Cross Rhythms. However, his latest Townhall/Clash Radio piece, on “Christianity and the Arts” appears to be a bit different on the Cross Rhythms site. For a start, there’s […]

World Wingnut Crusade

The New York Times brings some Japanese wingers to our attention. But first, their victim: Toru Kondo, an English teacher at a public high school here…was recently required to take a two-hour “special retraining course,” lectured on his mistaken ways and given a sheet of paper on which to engage in half an hour of […]

Buttiglione Butters Up the American Right

Back on December 8 the American Enterprise Institute hosted Rocco Buttiglione, the Italian politician who failed to become an EU Commissioner after expressing his views on homosexuality and is now considered the leader of the nascent European “theo-con” movement. Buttiglione was in Washington to receive an award from the Acton Institute, whose founder Fr Robert […]

Mooning the Tomb of Christ

Back in September Reuters reported on a clash at the Holy Sepulchre (or the “Anastasis” in the Orthodox tradition): Fistfights broke out on Monday at Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre between Christian sects that jealously guard their hold on sections of the shrine built on the traditional site of Jesus’s crucifixion. “There was lots […]

Ultra-modern Shinto

Ultra-modern Shinto in Osaka:

Flew Jab

A snippet from The Revealer about the Antony Flew interview in Biola’s University’s Philosophia Christi journal: Christian media junkies have recently been gloating over the news that longtime atheist philosopher Antony Flew had changed his mind. Now atheists strike back, with the latest bulletin of Rationalist International declaring that their man remains a defender of […]