Wingnuts say “Baa” to Kinsey

The forces of conservatism are showing their independent minds regarding the new movie Kinsey, and it’s ad hominem ad nauseum. The essence could be distilled thus: There’s a new film about Alfred Kinsey out. I haven’t seen it, but Judith Reisman tells me that he was worse than Hitler. He made all his stuff up, […]

Christon Cafe

At the Christon Cafe [sic], Osaka:

A Religious War in West Africa?

Significant events in West Africa have a habit of being overshadowed by the Middle East: in 1967, the Six Day War kicked off days after Biafra declared independence from Nigeria; in 1990, the fall of the dictator Samuel Doe of Liberia and subsequent civil war was overshadowed by the invasion of Kuwait. Now, with battles […]

Mike Adams: America’s Cleverest Conservative Demagogue

As Doug Giles’s hunting buddy Dr Mike Adams furthers his vendetta against North Carolina state senate member Julia Boseman (a person guilty of the offences of being Democratic and lesbian –  see below), it’s time to review his career. Adams comes from Mississippi, and has been a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina since the […]

Mengele’s Moustache

I’m a bit busy at the moment; in the meantime as a filler here’s a nice detail about the last days of Joseph Mengele, courtesy of The Guardian: Fear of being discovered made him chew the ends of his moustache, resulting in a ball of hair blocking his intestines.

Israeli Charities Help Neo-Pentecostals Evangelise Beslan Victims

A couple of weeks ago Israeli newspaper Maariv International reported on a therapeutic visit to Israel for Beslan survivors: Thirty-eight residents of Beslan, including 18 children who survived the school carnage in the town, arrived this (Sunday) morning at the Haifa Port and will be guests of the city of Ashkelon in the next three weeks. […]

Anti-Muslim or Anti-Arab?

David Aaronovitch is a liberal hawk, but one who manages to avoid the bombastic rhetoric and sometimes wilful misrepresentations of opponents that one finds in the work of his fellow Brit Christopher Hitchens. For his pro-war views, and for attacks on Islamic fundamentalism, he has received a certain amount of abuse (some of it anti-Semitic) […]

Rise of the “theo-cons”?

As the debate over the influence of religion in American public life rumbles on, Europeans ponder similar issues. Writing recently in The Guardian, Peter Preston observed: I happened to be in Malta last week, discussing the case of Rocco Buttiglione in a university lecture theatre. Malta, number 25 on the EU membership list, not only […]

Before He Was Famous

Good old Wayback:

Reason’s Melancholy, Long, Withdrawing Roar

Introduction Some say that the ancient world ended in 529, when Justinian closed down the Platonic school in Athens and the last pagan philosophers took refuge in Persia. Although this was an authoritarian move, it would have had the broad support of the masses (at least, those who heard about it) who had, in the decades […]