Blues for Brown

Keeping with our literary theme, Publishing News reports that Dan Brown may be in trouble: IT APPEARS THAT Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln, authors of the 1982 bestseller The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, are considering suing Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code, for breach of copyright of ideas and […]

Secular Move means Profits for Prophet

The New York Observer recently had an interesting piece by Rachel Donadio on Tim LaHaye’s move into mainstream publishing (unfortunately only a cached version is now available). Apparently LaHaye has just made his largest deal yet with a major secular publisher: The four-book Babylon Rising series, featuring a swashbuckling, evangelical Indiana Jones–like archeologist who acts […]

Same Sex Marriage Advocates Caused Beslan Massacre by Muslim Werewolves

So writes Mikhail Morgulis in ASSIST News: By their concessions to Satan mankind has made the Evil One feel invincible and allowed him to fiercely attack the world…Satan’s strength is being enhanced by people who have turned away from God in their disgrace and depravity. These include “men of law” who accept single-sex marriages, those […]

Evil Darwinists Attempt to Ban The Truth of Intelligent Design

Unsurprisingly, the cry of “censorship!” has gone up now scientists have dared to respond to Stephen Meyers’ 26-page academic paper in support of Intelligent Design. According to Agape Press: A pro-Darwin lobbying group is being accused of trying to censor a published and peer-reviewed scientific article that deals favorably with the theory of intelligent design. […]

Lee Jae-Rock: Germans Must Repent

I like the Charismatic Christian news service ASSIST Ministries. It often contains very interesting information unavailable elsewhere, and usually its news journalists try to bring in various views and perspectives, rather than just push a particular line. Also, in a world where most of the religious wingnuts have been snapped up by Pete at the […]

Whited Sepulchres Safe in Iran

From the (Iranian) Islamic Republic News Agency, 25 August: Majlis [Islamic Consultative Assembly] Speaker Gholam Ali Haddad Adel said here Tuesday that the Americans sow the seeds of grudge in the hearts of Muslims by violating the sanctity of the mausoleum first Shiite Imam Ali (AS). “We have witnessed the US hidden and open efforts […]

De Borchgrave: “Beware Ramadan!”

An employee of Reverend Moon warns of a religious fanatic entering the USA with evil intent, as Washington Times and UPI “editor at large” Arnaud de Borchgrave uses Moon’s organ to weigh in on the Tariq Ramadan affair (link snagged from Christianity Today): Tariq Ramadan is radioactive. Speak to any Christian in the Arab world, […]

50 Million Christian Zionists?

Plans for the Day of Prayer For Israel (noted by me back in March) are heating up. Charisma News offers an update: International Prayer Day For Jerusalem Enlists 50 Million Christians Christians from around the world are expected to join a massive army of intercessors to pray for Israel next month. Inaugurated by Eagles’ Wings […]

Ohio Court asked to oppose Demonic Divorce

Jesus’ General (with help from Bellatrys) brings to our attention news from Ohio on the Focus on the Family website: An Ohio woman is asking a state court to turn her divorce proceedings over to the Catholic Church. Bai Macfarlane says she and her husband had a legally binding agreement to seek help before they […]