Financial Times: Is Satan Out There in South Africa?

The Financial Times carries a report by Sarah Duguid on supposed Satanism in South Africa. As one would expect, Colonel Kobus Jonker and the Occult Related Crime Unit (ORCU) of the South African police loom large, although the reporter also spends time talking to sceptical academics. Here’s the profile of Jonker: In 1981 Colonel Kobus […]

At Church with Obama

Barack Obama’s supposedly earth-shattering revelation that some Democrats believe in “an awesome God” leads me to this April Chicago Sun Times piece on Obama’s interesting religious background: Obama describes his father, after whom he is named, as “agnostic.” His paternal grandfather was a Muslim. His mother, he says, was a Christian…When he was 6 years […]

Jews Against…erm, What was that Again?

One of Joseph Farah’s “favorite Christian cultural warriors”, Ted Baehr, has produced another essay for ASSIST, this time on the persecution of Christians. In just 300 words Baehr manages somehow to link (or at least, ramble around) Janet Jackson’s breast, child pornography, the Roman Empire, the crisis in the Sudan, Chechnya (given as, erm, an […]


Yemi Akinsuyi of This Day (Lagos) reports on the “satanic phone numbers” scare in Nigeria. Rumour has it that answering certain numbers on your cell phone leads to vomiting blood and death. This Day reveals those responsible for the panic, with the most popular story ascribed to Mr. Segun Adisa in his programme, Labe Orun […]

Michigan Judge: Pentecostal Rehab or go to Boot Camp

The New Standard (link thanks to The Revealer) reports on Michigan resident Joseph Hanas, who spent six months in prison and boot camp after refusing to complete a drug rehabilitation program. The program was run by the Inner City Christian Outreach Center, and Hanas claims that the Center was more interested in converting him to Pentecostalism […]

Did God Kill Franklin D Roosevelt?

…since 1945, when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt met with Hitler-supporting King ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia and promised that no U.S. decision regarding the Middle East would be made without first consulting the Arabs, neither has any nation been more closely linked to the Muslim nations in that region. I wonder if his death within […]

More on Tony Blair’s Creationist Educator

Last week’s London Observer carried a lengthy article about Sir Peter Vardy, the Creationist businessman who is being handed state schools to run by Tony Blair (a policy I noted last month). In the piece, Vardy denies that an aim of his school is promote anti-evolutionism: ‘For some reason people seem to believe that Creation […]

Theocrats in Maryland

Several bloggers (such as Jesus’ General) have picked up on a story from the Church of Critical Thinking about Margaret Sayre, 70-year old member of the tax-funded Anne Arundel County senior center in Maryland. The centre provides meals for the elderly, and after 9/11 a moment of silence before eating was introduced. However, this has […]

Biting the Hand that Newsfeeds

Joseph Farah has launched a tirade against Reverend Moon: preposterous…blasphemous theology…I know the Messiah. And Moon is no messiah. This follows an uncredited WorldNetDaily piece from 14 June (in which Farah appears in third person), where the animus against Moon is so great that the author happily quotes liberal columnist Bill Berkowitz against the Unification […]

Jesus IS Action

Ananova reports that, the firm that brought us action figures of George Bush, Tony Blair, Osama bin Laden and various other “heroes and villains”, has now turned to religion, with a talking action figure of Jesus Christ. From Herobuilders’ product description: Talking Jesus Christ Action Figure Play the sound clip from our Talking Jesus […]