Fundie Foundations

While gearing up for his appearance at a Christian Zionist prayer breakfast and a possible bid for the Presidency, Roy Moore has graced Boyle County High School in Danville with his presence at a “Foundations Festival”. According to the Advocate Messanger, Moore told his listeners that the Constitution of the United States was based on […]

President Overcomes Fetish

Life President Gnassingbé Eyadéma of Togo has apparently survived a supernatural attack. According to the Ghanaian Chronicle a delegation of penitent fetish priests from the local voodoo Anyigbaton Hunorgah fetish shrine of Klikor in the Volta Region of Ghana was shown making a pilgrimage to Lome, begging President Eyadema to free them from a demonic […]

Zweibon: Christian Zionists Will Turn Against Jews

Herbert Zweibon, head of Americans for a Safe Israel, warns in the Jerusalem Post that if Israel withdraws from Judea, Samaria and Gaza, I think you will see anti-Semitism in America like you have never seen. These people [Christian Zionists] will see it as a betrayal of their own trust. This is because the Christians […]

A Christian’s Manhood

Salon’s Right Hook brings to my attention Doug Giles, Pastor of Clash Christian Church and His People Christian Church, Miami. Giles has just written a call for the return of Christian masculinity. He notes that The masculine spirit being absent…has…weakened our nation’s morality.Put an end to preaching by cheesy, whiny, quiche eating, preening Nancy Boys…Hire […]

Russian Tattoos

The BBC has interesting pictures of Russian criminal tattoos. Many are anti-Communist and some anti-Semitic; some feature the word “Bog”, which means “God” but is also an acronym for “I shall rob again”. Number five is actually an icon of the Virgin Mary tattooed on someone’s chest, apparently for talismanic purposes. The pictures are from Danzig Baldaev’s […]

We Don’t Need No Daily Worship

The law requiring a daily act of Christian worship in English (sic – laws are different in other parts of the UK) schools is under question by chief education inspector David Bell. Asks Bell: How many people in this country, apart from schoolchildren, are required to attend daily worship? But changing the law with bring to […]

The Christian Israelis

Released after 18 years in prison for revealing to his fellow Israelis and the rest of the world that Israel possessed nukes, Mordechai Vanunu announced that he had been treated harshly because of his conversion to Christianity and he no longer had any secrets to publish. The latter seems likely – the Israeli restrictions placed […]

Peoples’ Front of Judea

The Saraya wal Mujahideen, one of the groups fighting the US in Fallujah, have a new strategy (well, new for this particular group, anyway) for striking a blow against the occupiers: er, attacking other Iraqis: The group threatened to destroy churches in return for U.S. attacks on mosques, assassinate or kidnap priests, and target Christians […]

Apocalyptic Breakfast

Alabama Justice Roy Moore is to present the keynote address at a prayer breakfast to “honor Israel and Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem”, according to a press release carried by ASSIST Ministries. This is not the New York event discussed back in March, but a Memphis-based affair that has been going on for 23 […]

Christian Group Eyewitness in Fallujah

While the most-reported foreign Christian groups in Iraq concentrate on annoying local Eastern Christians in lieu of not being able to convert many Muslims, it’s refreshing to read about a Christian group with another agenda. Christian Peacemaker Teams is an international concern based in Chicago, and brings together Mennonite, Quaker and Brethren traditions in volunteer […]